This is my silver lining. I am completely proud of everything I’ve accomplished in the past couple of weeks. I’m currently taking the hardest semester I’ve had to so far, and the workload gets overwhelming really quickly. A lot of things haven’t been going the way I’d like them to- home-wise, work-wise, relationships in general, and school was kicking me in the ass. That could’ve given me reason to coup up, give in, and crumble under the stress like I normally would. Instead, I think everything going to shit was more of a motivating factor in the end.  And I could not be more pleased with anything than acing all of my exams. And I can’t help but interpret this type of occurrence as another life lesson: To let go of all things you have no control over, and focus on the things that you can control. Don’t rely on others to bring you positivity, because whether or not people want to be in your life can change anytime. Be your own support system, be your own rock… because nothing is more gratifying than sparking progress for yourself when every other aspect in life strives to do otherwise. Keep your head up and work through the bullshit, and there will always be a silver lining. <3




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